Keiser University Information Technology Professor Shares Importance of Envisioning Ultimate Outcomes

When Information Technology Program Coordinator Brian McCall, at the West Palm Beach campus, first began instructing students as part of his graduate school responsibilities, he learned that a career in the teaching may be in his future.


“In graduate school I was a teaching assistant. It was then that I first found myself in front of a class. That experience was unexpectedly fulfilling. I was taught by my parents and grandparents from a young age to give all that I can, so in my view, I work for the students as much as the university. If students have the drive to learn, I will certainly do all that I can to make it happen.” 


The University of North Carolina graduate believes that a goal-oriented focus is important to educational success, and from day one in his role at Keiser University has worked with students to instill the vision of their ideal career path while also focusing on the fun aspects of learning along the way. “I try to teach students to concentrate on what they enjoy. If one really appreciates a subject, then the dedication to learning it comes much easier,” he said.

Brian McCall is a great example of a practitioner who shifted to a career in teaching and now inspires students to work in a dynamic and challenging field,” said Kimberly Lea, Keiser University West Palm Beach Campus President.