FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: Lowrie Fawley, KU Orlando

Greetings students! Today on our Faculty Spotlight, we’re featuring Professor Lowrie Fawley. She is an English Composition instructor and the Learning Center Coordinator at the Orlando KU campus. Here’s what she had to say:

As a faculty member in the English department at Keiser University, Orlando, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is sharing with my students the joy that can be derived from writing. I love working with them to expand their horizons and to help them to realize that anything is possible. All too often, people allow situations that they see as beyond their control to serve as stop signs in the road to their goals. Instead of finding a way around the obstacle that is placed in front of them, they become stuck, immobilized by it. This is often the case with my students. They see life’s challenges as insurmountable, and I want to help them change the way they look at themselves and their circumstances so that they can find the detour. As an educator, I do more than just teach the rules of writing. I teach the ways in which writing can be used to change lives. A writer can come to terms with a situation, can better understand a concept, or can change the world one person at a time through the art of persuasion. Writing has power, and that is what I most want to share with my students.

Professor Fawley is also a regular contributor to an online journal. Check out her recent post about her heart touching story on what it’s like to be an equestrian, while suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.



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