Golf is more than a Game!

by Donna White, LPGA T&C Hall of Fame Member, College of Golf Instructor

Many of our students come to the Keiser University College of Golf with a very narrow perception of the golf industry.  Like most, they think of golf only as a ‘game.’ Generally, people relate golf simply to what they see on TV with tour players playing at the highest level and instructors teaching the game on the Golf Channel; however, by the time students leave the our program, they understand they are entering an industry that impacts the U.S. economy to the tune of approximately $68 billion dollars annually! The golf industry generates approximately 2 million jobs, spurs economic development, commerce, tax revenues in communities, and provides revenue to a multitude of supporting industries (Golf20/20,2012). Below are few 2016 statistics reflective of the U.S. Golf industry ( Keegan, 2016)


  • Approximately 15, 000 golf courses
  • 24.1 million golfers
  • 2 million industry personnel
  • 26,000 PGA Professionals
  • 12,500+ Golf Course Owners
  • 1,000 PGM Students
  • 1600 LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals
  • 200 Multi-course operators
  • 71 State Golf Associations
  •  Average household income of all golfers is $96,236
  • Average age 41.4
  • 95,000,000 audience reach; according to the National Golf Foundation (2016), one of three Americans report they have played, read about, or watched golf on TV!


As a professor, I encourage students to look at the industry as a whole for employment considerations. Golf is big business; it is much more than a game.  Keiser University College of Golf students learn to blend the business and the game. Understanding the best practices of successful golf course operators such as strategic planning, enhanced customer service, and player development programs is essential for grasping the fact their golf ball can take them to a career well beyond the links!