“The experience of attending my first WCPT Congress was extremely enlightening.  I was introduced to various research studies across all aspects of physical therapy from treatment practices, innovative treatment approaches, education and cultural differences or similarities in physical therapy. I was also able to learn of some of the differences in physical therapy practice in various countries and of some of the global issues driving change and progress in the profession. One of the issues touched on was the increased interest in the Physical Therapist Assistant profession in other countries to meet increased demands for rehabilitation services brought on by conflict or natural disasters. There was also the discussion about other countries adopting the DPT degree as the entry-level degree for their therapists and whether or not it was a practical choice for the physical therapy culture in those countries.

I was able to forge new friendships and networks as well as reunite with old friends and colleagues through the many networking sessions available during the congress. I was also fortunate to experience some of the sights, history and culture for which Cape Town is renowned. I return to Keiser with a renewed enthusiasm for my profession, its future and how I will be able to do my part to continue to contribute to the growth of physical therapy here and globally and my sights are set on the next congress, Geneva 2019.”