Find a Gatekeeper

By Dr. TJ Tomasi, College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

 Imagine the number of people tugging on your cape if you were the #1 golfer in the world – to safeguard yourself you’d need a gatekeeper (such as a trusted coach, an agent, or a parent) to protect you from bad advice as well as from good advice that doesn’t apply to you. In my opinion, every golfer needs a gatekeeper, not only as a filter for protection against bad info, but also as a guide to bounce ideas off.


How can you use the gatekeeper concept to improve your golf game? Find a coach you can trust and together lay out a plan; then make sure to ‘listen only to that voice!” Talk to friends and fellow competitors who have coaches, and search out a coach with values and ideas similar to your own. Interview coaches to determine the best fit for you. Be sure the coach can adapt to your ability and commitment levels and is not a strictly “swing method” teacher. While the best golfers in the world tend to change coaches (gatekeepers) from time to time, you won’t see them changing every week or month. Give the plan time and your best effort, but if it’s not working in the equivalent of two years development time — find another gatekeeper.