David Wixson, PGA Master Professional & KU College of Golf Instructor 

Golf is a bottom line game and every item in a golfer’s bag must serve some purpose in contributing to the golfer’s ability to shoot the lowest score possible on a given day. Obviously, the clubs a golfer chooses must be custom fitted for the player. I have chosen the clubs which perform the best for my individual swing characteristics. Likewise, the golf ball is the second most important piece of equipment for any golfer. I play the Titleist ProV1 because it provides an optimal combination of distance and feel for my swing. The other items in my bag are simply practical and necessary: Rain gloves, rain suit and umbrella in case it rains. I use a sharpie and the Putter Wheel Alignment Guide to draw lines on my ball to assist with putting. I also carry the Putter Wheel Training aid for practice. The Alignment sticks are used during practice sessions or pre-round warm up to reinforce proper aim. The SkyCaddie is an electronic yardage device that provides quick, accurate distances on the course. Unlike many golfers, I do not carry anything in my bag for superstitious or sentimental reasons. I do have a 2 euro coin left in my bag from a trip to Ireland. I used it as a ball marker for a couple rounds but now I’m just saving it for my next trip to Ireland and I’ll spend it over there.

 Driver: TaylorMade SLDR; 12 degrees loft; neutral settings; 45 inches long; D-2 swingweight; TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 57 Graphite regular flex shaft; standard size rubber Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Fairway Metal: Nike SQ three wood; 15 degrees loft, 43 inches; D-2 swingweight; Nike Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana SasQuatch Graphite Shaft regular flex shaft; standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Hybrids: TaylorMade JetSpeed Rescue; 19 degrees; D-2 swingweight; TM Matrix Velox T Shaft regular flex; standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Cleveland Halo; 22 degrees; D-2 swingweight; Cleveland HALO Graphite Shaft regular flex; standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Irons: Titleist AP2 5-GW irons; standard loft, length, 2 degrees flat lie; D-2 swingweight; True Temper XP 115 regular flex shaft; standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Wedges: Cleveland 588 Raw 54 (bent to 55) and 60 degree loft; standard bounce and sole grind; True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 stiff flex shaft; standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Putter: SeeMore SB2 Mallet model 365 gram head weight; 33 inches long; 3 degrees loft/67 degrees lie; D-2 swingweight; standard size rubber Lamkin SeeMore paddle grip.


Titleist golf gloves; Footjoy Rain gloves for both hands; rain suit; Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls (Keiser Seahawks Logo); one green sharpie; Putter Wheel Training ball and alignment template tool; two white golf towels; assorted golf tees; SkyCaddie; sun screen; Black Totes Golf umbrella; Two Keiser University alignment sticks.