Students and professors from Keiser University’s Flagship and Port St. Lucie campuses recently launched an ongoing eight-week research study designed to help student athletes develop more desirable eating plans based on their ages, body weights and sports.

Thanks to knowledge gained from Keiser’s Port St. Lucie Campus’ Dietetics and Nutrition program students, Program Director Dr. Lisa Griffith, and the administration of the food tracking website, the Flagship Campus Sports and Exercise Science Department students were able to jump start plans to improve their dietary health.

We’re delighted to partner with our fellow Port St. Lucie students and professors for this important effort,” said Julie Snyder, Department Chair of the Keiser University Flagship Campus’ Sport Medicine and Fitness Technology, and Exercise Science programs. “It’s exciting to watch the students begin to develop creative ways to improve their nutrition as they take ownership of this project and their nutritional health.  These efforts will lead to improved athletic performance,” she said.

Initially evaluated by Port St. Lucie Campus Dietetics students with a special focus on their body fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI), the Flagship students will follow initial recommendations from the Port St. Lucie students, and look forward to them returning in eight weeks to see if they followed their dietary plans and to reassess them for improvements in their body composition.

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