The “Keiser University President’s Award” is a new monthly honor at the Fort Myers campus that is presented to students who best exemplify that month’s chosen focus.  Occupational Therapy Assistant students Mario Ojeda and Brooke Paulsen were the first to physically receive the award for their strong commitment to civic responsibility.  The award includes a plaque certificate, a metal nameplate placed on the distinction’s wall display in the atrium, and the official presentation in front of their peers.  They were both original members of the Seahawks Social Club, designed to support the social development of young adults with special needs.  Each of them bonded especially well with an individual club member, respectively, so much so that the families of the young adults asked that Mario and Brooke spend time with their children outside of Keiser University.  This is the epitome of what the new Keiser University President’s Award strives to recognize, and we are confident that future cases will continue to be celebrated at the Fort Myers campus.