To kick-off the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser efforts in strong fashion, Fort Myers had select faculty and staff members volunteer to be put up as targets for pies to the face.  Every $10 donated toward any given participant meant they would be hit with a shaving cream pie on “Pie-Face Day” by a random student or employee.  When the day arrived, the event did not disappoint.  A total of 53 pies were doled out after the event raised $528.  Some of the pies even had a little something extra (dye and glitter) for intended targets.  What a strong start to the ultimate goal!

CFF pies Sept. 16 2016 (1) CFF pies Sept. 2016 (1) CFF pies Sept. 2016 (2) CFF pies Sept. 2016 (3)