Thanks to a recent Information Technology Fort Myers graduate, Dylan Staub, the Fort Myers campus received a compliment of Servers, Switches Monitors and All-in-one computers .  Dylan was recently hired as Jr. Technical Support Specialist at Oliphant Financial LLC based out of Sarasota.  After only working there a few days, it was his suggestion to donate their old equipment to his college. The servers are rackmount capable IBM and Dell machines and the peripherals vary. These devices are in various stages of use and are of varied configuration and that is exactly what we needed to present to our A+ hardware students during hands-on sessions. Some of those devices will  be used by our software students as they begin to design and implement networks while others will be taken apart for further scrutiny by the advanced students as they learn the inner workings of these devices. This is a second considerable donation that has been made to our campus.  In July 2014 a local IT company, FlightDocs, donated several supplies to the program.   The IT students and faculty will definitely be putting them to good use.

IT donation April 2016 (2) IT donation April 2016 (3) IT donation April 2016 (4)