The key officers in attendance at the first Psychology  Club meeting were Advisor Pansy Murdock, President LaTrice Orume, Vice President Michael Hedgeman, Secretary Lilhana Manzanarez, and Treasurer Phillip Schwarz. Guest speakers included Associate Dean of General Studies, Thomas Ertner, the Coordinator of the BA Psychology program, Debra Silverman, and KUFTL’s Student Services Coordinator, Amanda Walling. It was impressive that, as early as the first meeting, two high school students within the Rising Scholars dual enrollment program attended and showed interest in the psychology program on campus. Professor Murdock highlighted aspects of the newly approved Psychology Club’s Constitution: The PSYCL is an organization comprised of students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in the Psychology program, or related program(s), that enhances educational experiences, provides skills necessary for employment in mental health settings, recognizes cultural diversity, and encourages students to engage in leadership opportunities through officer positions, and the organization of events and activities in the community.

The main community involvement identified for member participation is with the elderly, in areas of hospice care and shut-ins. It was a light, fun-filled, and informative first meeting.

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