The Ft. Lauderdale campus held its first Career Expo for the year. 22 employers attended from a variety of industries including Orange Theory Fitness (Alumni Clint Shumate), Mendelson Consulting (Alumni Dimitry Debrosse) and Well Rounded Bod – It Works (Alumni Brittlee Edwards) came on campus to recruit our students and alumni. Four of the recruiters present are Ft. Lauderdale graduates. It was wonderful to see our graduates succeeding within their careers and then returning to hire candidates from their alma mater. One new Associate of Arts Health Services Administration graduate Aisquel Fernandez was hired on the spot by Dane Street LLC, a medical referral company. Several other employers scheduled interviews with our students and alumni for interviews throughout the week for part and full time opportunities.

Career Expo Feb. 2015 (3) Career Expo Feb. 2015 (2)