It was all smiles and excitement by the new Eagles Club members at the first ever Pinning Ceremony for the Eagles Club.  Twelve alumni who graduated from 1986 to 2014 from KU- Fort Lauderdale and KU-Graduate School attended the Affirmation and Pinning Ceremony at the Fort Lauderdale campus.

The Eagles Club is a small group of energized alumni, committed to taking a leadership role in the KU Alumni Association by helping the University to reconnect with our alumni.

The Association links alumni and the University through sponsoring a wide variety of programs and benefits that foster a spirit of service, involvement, and life-long commitment to the University. The KU Alumni Association mission is to establish and enhance a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between KU and its alumni.

“Each Eagles Club Member is an Ambassadors of the University” said James LaBonte of the KU Alumni Relations Office. “They are committed to the presentation of events that build upon promote the spirit of the University. Their first networking event is being planned in February as a wine tasting.”

Congratulations, to our first ever Eagles Club Members: Ericka Bray, Dr. Isabel Breen, Richard Crowner, Dimitry Debrosse, Thais Fernandez, Benndy Francois, Tammy Miller-Jackson, Jason James, Nancy Joseph, Dr. Michael Record, Joseph Riopel, and Lisa Roseman.   Over the next few months the University is expecting an additional 150 Eagles Club Members who have been approved to participate in their pinning ceremonies at the 15 campuses throughout Florida. All KU alumni are encouraged to make the commitment to join the Eagles Club.

Key to the success of the event was the team work of the KU – Fort Lauderdale campus and Shantell Rochester, Student Services Director, Dr. Gary Vonk, President and Dr. Jannette Porta-Avalos, Dean of Academic Affairs.

Eagle's Club Oct. 2014 Eagle's Club Oct. 2014 half group