“Keiser University provided me with everything I needed for my future career as a licensed Florida Bar attorney.  While at Keiser University I attained an associates degree in the Paralegal Studies program.  The program helped me develop not only the essential skills a paralegal is required to hold but also long-term practical and professional skills.  The sole faculty member of the program is attorney Giselle Franco (“Mrs. Franco”).  Mrs. Franco guided me every step of the way and because of her excellence I excelled in my legal education.  Mrs. Franco taught beyond words and more than any student can desire to learn from any professor.  In fact, what Mrs. Franco has taught me stuck with me through college and beyond.  So, thank you, Mrs. Franco and everyone at Keiser University that played a role in my education.  Overall, I highly recommend the Paralegal Studies program at Keiser University!”

Arisnelvys Gonzalez, J.D.

“Keiser University Alumni, Class 2011”