Carlos Pacheco, Radiation Therapy Graduate from KU Lakeland

My name is Carlos Pacheco and I am a KU graduate from the Radiation Therapy program. My experience as a student has been great. The campus is always there to help and the teachers are smart and informative. They’ve always had my back and I really appreciate that. KU is a good option for college because you’re not going to get lost in a class of 100 student – the professors are going to know you by name. You always feel like you are in the loop and you’re not just another person on the roster.

I would recommend attending KU. It’s beneficial to certain people if you have a particular way of learning. For example, I  personally have benefited from the accelerated courses. The one month at a time class structure has helped me a lot. You go through a lot of stuff in life and having one class at a time really helps you focus on the material.

I definitely made the right decision coming to KU because the way the classes are set up it helped me so much. I don’t think I would have been able to survive any other way. Initially, I never planned on attending university, but I decided to come to KU and because of their nontraditional approach to learning, it helped me graduate.