Lisete B. Carnicer COTA/L

KU Miami Occupational Therapy Assistant Graduate

“Attending Keiser University has been the most rewarding experience of my professional career. Prior to Keiser I was in Accounting and a stay at home mom.  I graduated in 2010 as a COTA and was immediately hired by one of the clinics where I did an internship.  I really love what I do and have used the knowledge from school and the internship experience to advance my career.  I gained 4 years of experience before opening up my own pediatric clinic in 2014.

I currently employ six Keiser graduates and continually take interns from KU Pembroke Pines.  I am also on the Advisory Board at Keiser. I feel very fortunate to have picked this career where I can make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Overall being a Keiser graduate has given me all the necessary tools and experience to become a very successful therapist.  The Keiser OTA program really does prepare you for what employers are looking for in a COTA.”