“Prior to my tenure at Keiser, I was married and had 3 beautiful girls. I did not have any work experience. One day my husband and I were talking about the future. At that point, I realized that if something happened to my husband, I had little to no experience to fall back on to obtain a career that would support my girls and me. Therefore, at the age of 32, I went back to college and obtained an AA degree. However, once I graduated, that really did not help me obtain a decent job, as by that time I had divorced my husband. I was almost at my wits end when I heard on the radio about a new college in Tallahassee called Keiser College. I immediately placed the call to Keiser’s admissions office. At that point, my career began. The Keiser staff helped me get the financing I needed to enroll in the paralegal program. The classes were small and I was never bored. We had many hands-on projects and research. Once I graduated the paralegal program, I began working with the State of Florida as a paralegal with the Department of Corrections. I then transferred to work with the Prosecution Services Unit, with the Department of Health, where we prosecuted over all hospitals, nursing homes and medical practitioner’s licenses. That was a very gratifying job. I continued to work with the State of Florida until my retirement. I am very grateful to Keiser’s administration and their staff for the opportunity to attend this superb university. If it were not for Keiser University, I do not believe that I would have been able to obtain the exciting career that I did. I was the first to graduate from Keiser in 1992 since it was the first year the college was in Tallahassee. Thank you again for giving my girls and me the start to the quality of life that I needed to raise my family. Since I had the best experience I could have had, I now am encouraging my granddaughter to attend Keiser University in the Graphic/Digital Design program in Orlando when she graduates next year. Thank you Keiser for being the absolute best you could have been to me!”

Ruth Johnson Taylor, Class of 1992