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Written by: Xilonem Quiñónez, Political Science grad from KU Nicaragua

Keiser University provides its students with values, principles, integrity, and commitment to deal with their daily professional lives. Since my sophomore year, thanks to Professor Taboada, I discovered that my passion in life is helping others. The challenges of becoming a Political Science major, helped forge my character and awaken my love for and desire to help others. This is how I became a spokeswoman for various social campaigns, eventually leading me to become “Miss Chinandega 2013,” Fourth Finalist in “Miss Nicaragua 2014,” “Miss United Continents Nicaragua 2014”. I have become a public figure with the enormous responsibility to transmit women the values, entrepreneurship, and empowerment they need to succeed in our splendid country.

During spring 2014, I joined the National Assembly as an intern. This helped strengthen the link between my career and my passion in life. Since my graduation in May 2014, I have been determined to grow in the etiquette and protocol areas, oral and body expression techniques, as well as voice and diction. Recently, I had the opportunity of being one of the first professionals in Nicaragua to be certified by the UPB (Universidad Privada Boliviana) as a Personal and Professional Image Consultant. This will allow me to enhance my clients’ external beauty by discovering their inner beauty and using their natural grace.

I feel proud and happy to be part of the KU family not only because they helped form me as an upstanding professional but also because they taught me to care about others and help my fellows.

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