Today we are featuring a hybrid version of our spotlight segment as we have a KU faculty member that has just graduated with her Ph.D. in Education Leadership! Gloria Wyatt is the Program Director of the Radiologic Technology program at KU’s Daytona campus. As a student and employee at KU, she was able to see what it’s like for both sides of the education spectrum which ultimately made her that much closer to the students she was teaching. Take a look at what she had to say:

“I was born in Cuba into a family of historical leaders of the wars of independence for Cuba. Carlos Manuel DeCespedes, the first president of the Republic of Cuban, was my great, great, great grandfather. I value the opportunity that this country gave my family to attain “the American Dream”. Education is the footing for this dream. I passionately embraced the opportunity to reach a life-long goal of completing my PhD. I believe in teaching by example. What better way to inspire my students and three children about the benefits of an education than by being a student myself.

The Online PhD program allowed me to complete my goals without any interruption of my responsibilities to my Radiologic Technology Program at Keiser University-Daytona. I value the instructors of the Educational Leadership program who provided me with the tools necessary to step into my next goal in my career as an educator- Leadership. I specially want to thank my committee chair Dr. Jessica Fuda-Daddio for believing in the power rooted beneath my doubts that allowed for me to accomplish great things.  My next career goals are to look for opportunities where I can use the leadership skills and assist other programs to use programmatic accreditation as a means to strengthen and grow their programs within the State of Florida.”


Gloria graduation.jpg

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