What – Keiser University and the Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Justice Program welcomes guest speaker, Mr. David Hachmeister.  Mr. Hachmeister was the arresting officer and took John Wayne Gacy’s detailed confession.  Early in his career with the Des Plaines, Ill., Police Department, David Hachmeister was assigned to a missing-person case involving Rob Piest. The 15-year-old was last seen on Dec. 11, 1978, at the pharmacy where he worked, and the investigation immediately centered on the person he last spoke with at the pharmacy — John Wayne Gacy.  Piest was the last victim of Gacy, a serial killer who was convicted of 33 counts of murder and put to death for the crimes in 1994.

Where – Keiser University’s Sarasota Campus – Auditorium, 6151 Lake Osprey Drive

When – Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.