Two instructors at the Fort Myers campus went above and beyond to keep their students engaged in class.  In order to assist in their students’ preparation for mid-terms, Heather Lawton and Larry Hylemon collaborated in creating fun learning games to make the education process more interactive and impactful.  Ms. Lawton created an “Escape Room” situation for her students that required them to work together in solving lesson-based clues that ultimately led them to their classroom exit.  Mr. Hylemon opted to have his students compete with one another instead.  Each student randomly drew cards containing a topical question written on them.  Mr. Hylemon then put one answer in each student’s headband that was visible to only classmates.  It was the job of the competitor to figure out what answer was in their own headband by utilizing the questions in the group.  The person with the most cards discovered won in the end.  These were a unique take on the learning process, but one that has shown success for its participants.

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