Ian Kaplan, a student of Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine, is applying his newfound knowledge to coach athletes in functional fitness competitions.

“Coaching in this context means designing the training program, strategizing the particular event and then further developing technique and skill. I’m both the strength and conditioning coach and the athletic coach in this situation,” said Kaplan, a second-year student who’d enrolled in Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine because he was seeking an evidence-based doctorate level education in order to help those suffering from pain, and to also assist athletes and fitness buffs.

“My experience at Keiser has helped me think more critically while also providing the opportunity to learn how to ask the right questions and refine my problem-solving skills. The basic anatomical, physiological and biochemical science lessons and clinical studies have helped transform the way I train my athletes, as I often take the lessons of the day into the gym.”

One of Kaplan’s most recent projects was successfully coaching an athlete in Wodapalooza, one of the largest international Crossfit sanctioned competitions in the world. An elite professional competition, the Miami event includes global age group divisions in which the top 15 competitors in each age group are invited through a qualification process.

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