To prove that education isn’t just for Keiser University students and that learning can occur outside of the classroom, Keiser University Equestrian Programs Director Julie Snyder recently hosted an faculty learning clinic at Wall Street Farms, the university’s equestrian facility located in Lake Worth, Florida.


With the title being ‘Introduction to Basic Horsemanship 101,’ the event included insight relating to a variety of safety practices as well as a tack and bit tutorial, correct selection and handling of riding apparel and grooming tools, the proper way to mount, walk, trot and cater a horse, and important steps to follow after riding a horse.


“By the end of the clinic, the faculty had a better understanding of what is entailed in horse ownership, including some of the expenses and responsibilities incurred. All in all, I’m delighted that we were once again able to relay that the outside of a horse is great for the inside of a person,” smiled Snyder.


Keiser University Equine Studies programs provide learners a well-rounded educational opportunity, while also preparing them for admission to graduate programs in Veterinarian Medicine. Along with the necessary pre-vet curriculum, the concentrations offer students the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in a variety of equine areas.