Dr. Michael Olsher, an economics professor and the Chair of the Keiser University Flagship Campus’ Business Department recently joined WPBF Anchor Stephanie Berzninski to share insight relating to the unstable stock market. To view the interview, please visit: http://www.wpbf.com/news/market-meltdown-local-professor-explains-stock-market-drop/37552122

 A seasoned university instructor and senior business executive, Dr. Olsher has taught economics, finance, and business strategy at many universities both on the graduate and undergraduate levels, including at Columbia University Graduate School of Business and Fordham Graduate School of Business, both in New York City.  In addition, he has lectured as a distinguished lecturer in Economics and Finance at several universities, including the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Management and Florida Atlantic University’s M.B.A. Program. His academic areas of expertise are economics, international banking instruments, trade finance, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. His most recent on-going academic research is work on an article entitled “Business Design Landscape and the Pillars of Academic Entrepreneurship.”

Professionally, Dr. Olsher has been employed as a senior operating executive by some of the world’s largest metals and minerals companies. He founded, owned, and operated his own steel processing facilities and a global metals trading organization, with offices in Europe, and South America, as well as in the United States. In addition, Dr. Olsher creating his own business, he founded several new international metals divisions at large international enterprises. In recent years, he has been hired by a number of USA law firms as an expert witness in international banking practices, trade finance, and commercial contract provisions involving international banking transactions, as well as performing consulting on international raw materials business in Colombia.