Several Keiser University Flagship campus students gained a new appreciation for the effect that footwear can have on athletic performance and sports related injuries, as they gained insight from Gene Ulishney, an athletic footwear specialist.

Ulishney is currently researching the positive and negative effects of running shoe mechanics, socks and orthotics on gait, and their direct relationships to either enhancing performance and reducing injury, or compromising performance and promoting injury. While sharing the laws of mechanics which are applied to physical movement, he offered students a new appreciation and respect for proper footwear and the demands that athletic activities can place on the foot.

“We are thankful to Mr. Ulishney for his insight,” said Julie Snyder, the Keiser University Flagship Campus Department Chair of Sport Medicine and Fitness Technology, and Exercise Science. “Information such as this is invaluable to students as they prepare to become leaders within their professions,” she said.