Keiser University’s Flagship campus was pleased to welcome visitors from Dewey International School located in Beijing, China.  In addition to attending English as a Second Language courses, the group enjoyed learning more about Keiser University’s academic programs, while also finding time to enjoy the pool, shopping, and to shoot hoops at the campus’ gymnasium.

“Dewey International High School shares the same Students First philosophy as Keiser University. The high school’s leaders implement advanced and diverse teaching methods, and believe travel is a good way to learn. Mr. Wang, the principle of Dewey, said even though he only stayed at Keiser University for three days, he learned quickly that it really cares about students. He hopes more of their Dewey International High School students will visit Keiser University in the future,” said Kevin Li, Keiser’s Associate Vice Chancellor of International Affairs.

Keiser University’s Flagship campus is home to students from approximately 45 countries. To learn more about Keiser University’s international student opportunities, please visit: