For the ACF chapter meeting, Keiser University Class of 2014 graduate Jose Suiney came back for a visit. After graduating less than a year ago, Jose has already worked his way up to the position of Chef de Cuisine at Inkanto, a local Peruvian restaurant known for its made-to-order ceviches. Jose was kind enough to bring in some beautiful fresh fish and show us how to make some of his favorite ceviche. We were also thrilled to see another graduate from 2011, Michael Dutko at the meeting who gladly shared some advice and tips for success with the younger up-and-coming chefs. Both Jose and Michael were medal winning Culinary Competition Team members during their time at Keiser University’s Sarasota campus. We were and continue to be so proud of them and their success in this field.

KU SAR Jose Suiney ACF Demo May 2015 (2) KU SAR Jose Suiney ACF Demo May 2015 (4) KU SAR Jose Suiney ACF Demo May 2015 (1)

This month Chef Craig’s Supervision and Cost Controls classes have been learning all about calculating and controlling food costs. This week they conducted butcher’s yield tests to determine quantity and cost of usable product when breaking down poultry.

KU SAR Yield tests May 2015 (1) KU SAR Yield tests May 2015 (2)