WEST PALM BEACH – On Major Day the Crime Scene Technology, Forensic Investigations, and Criminal Justice students were visited by Head Medical Examiner Investigator, Harold ‘Rus’ Ruslander and his cadaver dog Bella, a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Rus gave a wonderful presentation on the training and job functions of a cadaver dog. The classroom was packed and there was standing room only. This made for a challenge as Bella searched for the human femur bone segment that one of the students was hiding. But, true to form she located it and sat to signal her finding. Rus will be retiring at the end of December, after 47 years of service in law enforcement and investigations. He has no intention of slowing down though. He will remain active teaching and volunteering his and Bella’s time to help others.

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JACKSONVILLE – KU Jacksonville held its annual Fall Core Day. Nichole Ortiz, an amazing woman who has lived her life fully while being diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome came out and spoke to the RT and OTA students about what life is like with her diagnosis. The students were able to hear a patient perspective, what helps and what hurts a patient through recovery and procedures. Nichole was diagnosed at age 3, at this time she was 1 of only 3 people in America to be diagnosed with this syndrome. She was told she would only live to be 5 years old, now she has graduated high school with honors and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies and Special Effects. She owns her own jewelry company and does graphic design for a local charity. Her story is one of strength, humor, obstacles, and inspiration.

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PEMBROKE PINES – The Pembroke Pines campus hosted Core Day on Wednesday, October 20, 2015, in order to provide students with useful information regarding the academic career possibilities that they may choose to pursue at Keiser.  Core Day began with Dr. Shara Ali speaking about the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam for those students who are interested in joining the Nursing program.  Dr. Ali stressed to students the importance of maintaining a 3.0 grade point average while in school in order to be eligible for acceptance into the Nursing program after passing the TEAS exam.  Dr. Ali further explained that there are alternative avenues in the healthcare industry for students who do not meet the minimum requirements.   The next presenter, Dr. Adrian Kataroo, spoke about the Medical Assisting (MA) program.  He stated that the program takes about two years to complete.  During the MA program, students receive hands-on clinical training.  Once students have completed all of their requirements, they can begin their externships in the field.  The majority of the students who complete their externships successfully are hired by the company afterwards to begin their careers.  Following Dr. Kataroo’s presentation was Ms. Urmala Roopnarinesingh, who talked about the Health Service Administration (HSA) program, providing an overall description of what the program entails.  Students were pleased to learn about the various career options in the field and that most HSA graduates can obtain an entry level salary of $60,000 in the field.     Next up was Dr. Christopher Abreu to elaborate on the Criminal Justice/Legal Studies program.  First, he went over the skills that students learn in each of the programs.  He then added that students who are fascinated with crime shows on television and court shows will love being a part of the Criminal Justice/Legal Studies program.  Dr. Abreu ended his information session with a disclaimer, making students aware that if they cannot handle looking at blood or speaking about gruesome topics, then the Criminal Justice/Legal Studies program is not for them.  The Core Day presentation ended with Mr. Gomez discussing the General Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies programs.  He mentioned that the General Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies programs offer entry into a broad range of disciplines.  Mr. Gomez informed students that the program does not limit them to one specific area of expertise.   Core Day was a big success as the auditorium was filled with students who were elated to take their educational careers to the next level.

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