Here is an excerpt of the letter they received:

Dear Ms.Tedros,

I am writi ng in regard to the work study students that have assisted with youth programs as tutors at Quality Life Center. Ashlee Hart and H illa ry Scruggs have been truly exceptional. They both rank among the most helpful, enthusiastic and motivated of the many talented, good-hearted people who come to assist at the Q each year.

Ms.Hart and Ms.Scruggs have been committed, reliable and resourceful. They were patient with the children, and both truly went above and beyond our expecta­ tions. They observed and helped children, then came back with their own activities (including Math Mania which the kids love!). They created assignments and reviewed them with our Academic Specialist,Mitzi Ritter who is effusive in her compliments of both young women.

We are very thankful to you for including Quality Life Center in your program, and for providing such excellent students. The children love them, and were excited when they arrived at the center. Ms. Scruggs also displayed her creative side as she continues to come in as a volunteer, and helped create the backdrop for our upcoming prod uction of The Lion “Qing.” The show will take place on August 13th at 6:00 Dunbar High School. We would love to have you as guests. If you would like tickets, please let me know how many.

Your students represent Keiser University very well. We commend you r good work, and are thankful for your assistance and sense of community.


Jan Sommer, Research and Development Analyst

Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida, Inc. ls a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered as a charitable organization in the state of Florida.