The nursing students from the Jacksonville campus participated in a clinical where sport physicals were provided to athletes from Duval and Clay County and they saw over 1000 young athletes and were able to provide complete health sports screenings.

This event was part of Pediatrics Clinical in the course taught by Mrs. Hagy. The nursing students were assigned to a specific room. The team consisted of a PA student from Nova Southeastern, a nurse practitioner, or a physician. Complete sports physicals were provided to athletes from Duval and Clay county. These physicals are required before a student can compete. The majority were high school athletes with a few middle school students as well. Most students arrived on the team bus accompanied by their coaches.

Students obtained vital signs and conducted the required physical assessments. The nursing students spoke to the athletes regarding any findings and also provided education on any areas identified such as a heart murmur or elevated blood pressure.  Keiser Nursing students were under the direct supervision of Kathy Hagy RN, MSN, CCRN, CNE, Pediatric Nursing Instructor and Terry Hagy RN, MSN.

This was a true demonstration of teamwork. From the coaches and athletes themselves all the way to the Executive Director comments were received about the fast pace and thoroughness of the process and the professionalism and skill of the Keiser University Nursing students. Last year athletes waited over an hour in our hallway for their actual exam!!! The last bus call was to be around 2:45 and arrived 30 minutes early, something they never experienced before.