Twenty-years of physically training fellow service men and women has yielded dramatic transformations, so when Elbert Silas, a former United States Air Force Fitness Program Manager joined civilian life, he knew he wanted to receive a formal education in the field of health and fitness.


Now a 2017 Keiser University Port St. Lucie Campus Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology graduate, Silas is taking his dream one step forward by pursuing a doctoral degree at the Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine.


“As a fitness trainer we employed corrective movements to modify bodily dysfunctions, so further study relating to range of motion through the use of a goniometer and other tools, as well as lessons concentrating on biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy, and the physiology of the human skeleton really drew me to learn more,” said Silas, a Riviera Beach, Florida native.


A rigorous professional program consisting of ten semesters of study completed over 40 months, the Keiser University Doctor of Chiropractic program combines traditional lectures with small group learning, weekly conferences and seminars, laboratory and experiential sessions, and clinical training opportunities at a number of sites.  All coursework includes case-based relevancy for chiropractic practice as a portal-of-entry profession dedicated to excellence in spine care.


“Keiser University’s Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology programs represent the ideal preparation for entry into the Doctor of Chiropractic program,” said Dr. Mike Wiles, founding Dean of the new College of Chiropractic Medicine.  “There is tremendous interest and need for chiropractic physicians in the sports sciences and accordingly, sports medicine is embedded in and emphasized throughout the 40-month program leading to the DC degree,” he said.


“Once I receive my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Keiser University, I hope to motivate and inspire people to achieve a healthy lifestyle,” said Silas.