Lakeland Criminal Justice students Matt Southerland and Guadalupe Juarez-Rangel completed their Bachelors in Criminal Justice Integrated Capstone Project presentation in front of family and friends.  The Capstone is the final course or near the final course for Bachelors of Criminal Justice Students. It consists of a 4 week course of completing a 15-20 page paper (topic approved by instructor) and a 20-25 minute presentation on the topic of the completed paper. The students are prepared for this class throughout the 4 years they are in class by completing smaller versions 5-8 page papers each term with a 5-10 minute presentation. For the Capstone they also have weekly pieces of the project that are due including topic approval, list of references, An outline, an annotated bibliography, research questions and answers, 2 rough drafts, powerpoint slides and a quick run through of the presentation for corrections prior to the final presentation.

CJ Capstone Jan. 2015 (1) CJ Capstone Jan. 2015 (2)