Keiser University

Nutrition with Distance Learning Internship, MS

The Keiser University Graduate Master of Science in Nutrition with Distance Learning Internship (KU-MS/DI) combined program with a concentration area of Community Nutrition is a rigorous and fast paced program designed to allow interns to complete their  supervised practice requirements in their geographic area. Interns will be able to use local sites and preceptors to complete their rotations. Prospective interns are required to obtain agreements with qualified preceptors in the areas of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), food service systems/dietetic management and community nutrition. Interns will need to set-up site rotations prior to applying to the internship. Rotations maybe completed in more than one site location. The success of the program and the intern’s rotation is the dedication of the preceptors to the interns learning process. Sites and preceptors are subject to the approval of KU-MS/DI.

The DI program is approved to take up to 48 interns annually, 24 in the fall semester and 24 in the spring semester.  Interns  will be required to complete additional didactic modules prior to attending the 5-Day Orientation  program located at the Fort Lauderdale campus. The 5-Day Orientation session is scheduled during the first week of the starting semester.  The orientation session will be an intensive review session in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and food service systems/dietetic management.

Interns will communicate with the program director and/or program coordinator weekly throughout the supervised practice. Mid-point and final evaluations will serve to measure to the intern’s progress during the rotations. The preceptor will be providing feedback on a regular basis to help guide the intern’s progress.

The combined KU-MS/DI program is preparing dietetic professionals for the diverse and challenging field of nutrition and dietetic practice. Interns must complete both the masters and distance learning internship to receive the verification statement allowing eligibility to sit the national registration examination.

Full acceptance into the Master of Science in Nutrition with Distance Learning Internship will require the student meeting academic requirements, distance learning internship requirements, and preceptor and site  appropriateness requirements to provide the intern the learning experiences as set forth by the Accreditation Council on Education for Nutrition and Dietetics entry-level practice as a registered dietitian.  Affiliation agreements must be in place prior to the start of the supervised practice.