During their Research Methods in Health and Human Performance course, Jacksonville Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology students were pleased to welcome guest speaker Dr. Curt Lox to the university to provide insight into the world of research in academia in the field of health and human performance.

 Dr. Lox is the former Program Chair of the Kinesiology program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has recently moved to Jacksonville to assume the role of the Dean of Academics over the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida. Dr. Lox is also the former graduate advisor of KU Jax Sports Medicine instructor Matthew Graifer who invited his former mentor to the campus to share his experiences.

 Dr. Lox has performed extensive research in areas such as obesity, exercise among the elderly population, and even the impact of exercise on people diagnosed with HIV. Dr. Lox was able to share more than 20 years worth of research insight with KU students.