Tucked into a quiet neighborhood in Melbourne, John Rogers labors away on a project he’s been tending for over 20 years. What began as a Bamboo forest has evolved into a Permaculture experiment that is home to a wide variety of Tropical and Subtropical plants. His property is covered with Maringa and Mango trees, Avocado, Papaya plants, Carambola, Barbados Cherries and a variety of exotic Botanicals. At the center of the property is a 600 square foot tree house supported by 8 palm trees flanked by a pond stocked with Tilapia.

John recently expanded onto a small lot he’s developing into an Avocado grove lined with Prickly Pear Cactus and assorted non-invasive plants. He was gracious enough to lead students on a tour this morning and encouraged wild grazing- something the students happily took advantage of.


Mushrrom- A wild oyster mushroom growing beneath the Bamboo canopy.

Food Forest- A Bay Rum tree

Forest- A canopy of Banana and Bamboo provide shelter for plants , buffer noise from nearby Babcock street and offer privacy for John who lives on the property.

Peach Blossom- An experiment in the Avocado grove- a lone Peach tree coming into blossom. Mary Ward and Catrice Winston soaking it all in.

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