Advanced Pastries got creative under the direction of Chef Jackie Hayes. Bryan Koening plated a terrine of chocolate mousse with a banana rum mousse inlay. He served it on top of almond sponge cake alongside cherry compote , and caramelized bananas.

KU MLB banana rum and chocolate mousse

Students are using skills learned in their Advanced Pastry Class to create classic Holiday treats like Croquembouche, Marzipan Stollen and Buche de Noel.  Chef Hayes and Chef Figueroa set aside time to supervise a group to create a Gingerbread House for display in the foyer for all to enjoy.  Special thanks go to students Catrice Wilson, Sandra Lutz and Joanna Donley for their efforts to raise the roof on this project.

KU MLB gingerbread house (3)KU MLB gingerbread house (1)KU MLB gingerbread house (2)