The third annual Psychology Week was held at the Keiser University Miami campus.  This is a week full of daily activities, presentations, and discussions. The events are open to the entire Miami Campus faculty, staff, and student community.  Psychology Week kicked off with the popular Positive Post-It Campaign. Psychology Club officers and members left positive notes throughout campus as students began their final week before Spring Break. The psychology students also displayed their Heads Up Keiser and Careers in Psychology selfie projects, which demonstrated psychological theories, disorders, and careers in the field, respectively. The Psychology Club officers also hosted a personality booth. The booth allowed  students to complete a personality test that helped determine the best career/degree options for them based on their personality strengths. Additionally, the students enrolled in the Introduction to Experimental Psychology class presented their research projects on topics ranging from caffeine’s impact on memory, virtual reality impact on mood, and mindful-based interventions to help college students cope with anxiety. To end our busy week of sharing psychology knowledge with peers on campus, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Denise Fournier present to students on Mindfulness. She provided students with information on seven things mindful people do differently each day. For example, show gratitude for good moments and grace for bad ones, make peace with imperfection-inside and out, as well as forgive mistakes–big and small.

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