Diagnostic Medical Sonography students at the New Port Richey campus schedule free obstetric ultrasounds for women in the area who are in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.

“Our campus has been offering this service in the community for eight years in order to provide students the opportunity to scan a patient before they go out to their clinical externships,” shared Chuck Gibbons, Campus President.

To be eligible to have a free ultrasound ladies must have had an ultrasound at their doctor’s office that was normal and be in their second or third trimester. Patients must sign a release with the understanding that this is for educational purposes only. All ultrasounds are performed by students under the supervision of an instructor. The women receive a 2D image of their baby and are welcome to bring friends or family with them.

The campus will advertise this to the community four times a year in order to provide students the opportunity of scanning a living baby in utero rather than simply learning the technique in the simulation lab.

Dms Ultrasound June 2017 2 - New Port Richey Students Perform Obstetric Ultrasounds - Community News