AB mtg Nov. 2015 (3) AB mtg Nov. 2015 (1)

Advisory Board Meeting Held On The Fort Myers Campus – The Advisory Board of the Fort Myers campus came together and met to discuss various topics.  The meeting started with a general session hosted by Campus President – Nancy Tedros, Dean of Academics – Pam Johnson and Student Services Director – Ann Gannucci.  Employer Appreciation Awards were presented by the Program Directors to the following companies: Salus Care & Fawcett Memorial Hospital.  Members then proceeded to the second floor and enjoyed a fabulous lunch provided by Jason’s Deli.  It was then time to get down to business in the breakout sessions.  Each program received wonderful feedback as a result of the Advisory Board Meeting.

 DMS ultrasound Nov. 2015 (3) DMS ultrasound Nov. 2015 (1) DMS ultrasound Nov. 2015 (2)

DMS Students Practice Obstetrical Ultrasound Scanning – Students in the DMS program were able to practice obstetrical ultrasound scanning utilizing fetal pigs.  In order for this simulation to work, fetal pigs were placed in large plastic bags which were then filled with water and tied.  The bags containing the fetal pigs were to simulate a pregnant uterus and the water was the “amniotic” fluid surrounding the “baby”.  Students were able to have hands-on experience learning how to locate, measure and image various anatomic structures as would be seen in a real human pregnancy. It was fun and educational, next time around having “twins” to scan might be an option to expand the experience.