On Monday, Keiser University launched Nurse Appreciation Week with a scholarship award to two carefully selected nursing students. Jennifer Whitehead and Julie Burger were awarded the 2019 Sarah Patricia Bavaro Nursing Scholarship at Keiser University’s Sarasota Campus. Both women received a scholarship in the amount of $500. Each contestant’s score was based upon a one-page essay and a minimum of a 3.5 GPA.


Maria Lowe, former nurse and daughter of Sarah Patricia Bavaro, expressed why her family decided to create this scholarship, “When you have worked hard and finally begin your career, you want give back and help others along their journey.” Former nurse at Johns Hopkins and granddaughter of Sarah Bavaro, Sarah Lowe, gave encouragement to the nearly 100 nursing students who were present, “A career in nursing is ever changing and endless in the avenues you can take.”


The Sarah Patricia Bavaro Nursing Scholarship partnership with Keiser University Sarasota Campus is committed to carrying out its mission to fulfill the dreams of deserving students studying nursing. This ongoing partnership will help maximize our student’s financial successes and their ability to graduate with a degree.


Scholarship Winners - Nurse Appreciation Week Kicks Off At Keiser University - Academics

2019 Sarah Patricia Bavaro Scholarship


Keiser University currently has over 2,200 students currently pursuing nursing degrees in the State of Florida, and in the last five years, has graduated nearly 6,500 nurses from associate to doctoral levels.