At the Miami campus, the OTA program held their 4th OTA Showcase for the “Aging in Place” project.  The purpose of this project is to present to all guests the importance of occupational therapy in maintaining older adults leading productive lives in their community. “Clients” were their own students’ family members, friends, and neighbors. Students presented results from a “Quality of Life Assessment”, a home risk assessment, as well as from screenings for some risk factors such as falls, depression, or cognitive impairments. After a process of interviewing and collaborating with their subjects, students developed recommendations, and designed devices to facilitate their clients engaging safely in those activities important to them.

Not only do OTA students have a real opportunity in real life to make an impact with their loved ones, but all guest participants received an incredible demonstration of the impact of occupational therapy in wellness and prevention. Also 4 students of the class will be presenting their project at the “Region 7 South OT Forum: Annual Research and Scholarly Project Symposium” on April 9th at Nova Southeastern University.

OTA fair April 2015 (1) OTA fair April 2015 (2)