This year the Latin Division at eCampus joined efforts with the American Cancer Society in their Relay for Life event in order to honor a beloved staff member, Dorothy Peterkin, who battled cancer for years and lost her life to the disease.  When receiving treatments, she took two busses to get to there and continued to work during the entire process.  This was also a learning experience for those in the Latin Division who learned the American Cancer Society provides transportation to patients who are receiving treatment.  In an effort to address the needs of members in the community who may need services they aren’t aware exist, members of eCampus developed a collaborative liaison with the American Cancer Society and participated in raising $5,081.85 for research and education. The Latin Division invited Margarita Orta from the American Cancer Society to conduct a conference for faculty and students regarding all the services they offer.  The staff and faculty at eCampus were so engaged by what they learned, a staff member, María Tretto, donated her son’s hair to make a wig for patients who have lost theirs during chemo treatments.

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