The Orlando chapter of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) celebrated May’s designation as “National Military Appreciation Month” during their monthly meeting.  The SVA Meeting was also attended by guest speakers Ms. Elizabeth Jackson of the local Veterans Center and Mr. Lloyd Duran PhD(c) from the Veteran’s Administration Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL).

The VITAL program is a collaborative effort between the local VA Hospital and higher education focused at retention and success of student veterans. VITAL staff will work closely with Keiser University Disability services to obtain any academic accommodations you require.  This eliminates much of the running around you would otherwise need to do.

VITAL can help support student veterans in working with Keiser University processes regarding academic actions and/or conduct issues, they can also assist with enrollment and care with the local VA Medical Center.

Among other things, the VITAL also offers services of Academic Faculty and Staff.  Specifically they can provide education for college/university staff about Military & Veteran culture. They are also available to consult about Veteran specific issues impacting performance and retention.

In collaboration  with Orlando VAMC resources, the VA will be providing a certifying officer on-site at the Keiser Orlando Campus once or twice each term.  This will augment the work done by an on-campus Veteran Service Officer and VA Vocational Rehabilitation counseling services representative.

In partnering with the VITAL Initiative and the Lake Nona VA Medical Center, the Keiser Orlando SVA continues in it’s quest to set the standard for services to student veterans enrolled in the Keiser University system.