Orlando’s Learning Center is a thriving and vital part of the campus community. Started a little over a year ago by Dr. Ramos, Dr. Lawton, and Professor Fawley,  this space affords students the opportunity to collaborate on group projects;  to seek tutoring;  and to receive assistance with Blackboard, PowerPoint and other software needs. Recently, students in the Histotechnology program have taken up residence in the afternoon for group study sessions.  Every day, students visit to find a tutor, to receive assistance navigating courses, and to just relax away from the grind of academia and read a book from the free book shelves where students and faculty can borrow or trade popular fiction books.

What makes the Learning Center so effective is that it is a space where students don’t have to be quiet. They can discuss, share, and also ask for guidance on their projects. Dr. Cox and Professor Fawley are in the center whenever they are not in class, and other faculty, too, spend time in the Center grading papers and assisting students as needed. The atmosphere is casual, welcoming, and student focused. This space also gives students more of a sense of community, a reason to stay and a place to stay on campus after their classes have ended. Located adjacent to student services and directly across the hall from the Writing Center, everything students need for success is right at their fingertips.

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