Keiser University Orlando campus Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology (SMFT) students recently enjoyed the opportunity to gain insights from a local Strength and Conditioning Coach at a nearby private high school.


Led by professors Brian Binkley and Stefane Dias, the group was thankful to visit Coach Micah Kurtz at Windermere Preparatory School regarding the opportunities the field has to offer.


Breaking his presentation into three parts, Kurtz began with a historical synopsis of the evolving profession while pointing out common misconceptions, the growing competitiveness of the field, the importance of strength and conditioning services to all students, and gym safety and current certifications. He continued by highlighting the evolution of gymnasium and weight room design and the need for additional funding and concluded by summarizing the qualifications necessary to be successful in the field, while also pointing out the pros and cons of the profession.


“The presentation was very inspiring, particularly for those students who have yet to decide exactly what they want to do when they graduate. We’re thankful to Coach Kurtz,” said Dias.

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