The Orlando chapter of the Student Veterans of America launched 2015 with it’s monthly meeting and a list of new benefits for Student Veterans at the Orlando campus.  The meeting started with Commander Eric Hench (U.S. Army Retired), representing American Legion post 183,  announcing annual dues for all Veterans will be waived for 2015.

SVA Jan. 2015


It was then announced  that KU Orlando has opened a dedicated, on-campus, Veterans Office to assist student veterans and help provide services which normally would require a trip to the downtown VA hospital or the VA administrative offices.

SVA Jan. 2015 office


Veterans Services Office, Mr Gerald Kaufman (U.S. Navy Retired), also from American Legion Post 183, was given a Certificate of Appreciation by SVA President Dario Piedrahita after it was announced Mr. Kaufman (a Florida Certified Veteran’s Officer) will be on-campus twice a week to assist any veteran in filing for disability, ratings changes or anything VA not already addressed by the KUO Veterans Certifying Officer.

SVA Jan. 2015 2


Ms. Brenda DuFour was the second guest speaker representing the Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation services.  She discussed the advantages of the program, who qualified, what services they provide and then answered questions.   Ms. DuFour’s willingness to be on-campus 2 days a week will eliminate many of the trips students normally have to make to monthly downtown Orlando meetings with her.  As the meeting finished everyone was taken on a tour of the new office and both Ms. DuFour and Commander Hench were awarded certificates of appreciation for their service to Orlando’s student veterans.

SVA Jan. 2015 voc rehab