At the Ft. Lauderdale campus, students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program are required to create a preparatory task as a competency in the Physical Disabilities course.  A preparatory task is one that is provided in treatment to target specific skills that require active engagement by the client and that simulate activities. The client is not yet ready to complete actual activity engagement so this is considered a step prior.  Students develop these functional boards with consideration of client deficits in order to practice specific skills sets in a graded fashion. This cohort of students completed the assignment with great results.  The outstanding mention was earned by student Mikkie Gonzalez who currently works at Maritime Professional Training Center and considered the students learning boating skills at the center.   Her creative design included all types of boating knots, wrenches and other fine motor skills needed on a boat.

OTA physical disabilities Oct. 2015 (2)