Recently the Fort Myers OTA class had a special guest teacher for the day–Constance (Connie) Kurash, Licensed Certified Hand Therapist and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.  She came to teach OTA students the technique of splinting.  Even though she had just had hip surgery, Ms. Kurash did not want to miss this event.  Any fracture or dislocation of a bone should be splinted, and these splints can be ready-made or put together with basic materials.  Students were able to learn about splints and practice making them.  Fort Myers OTA students are very lucky to be able to learn from Ms. Kurash’s expertise and knowledge.  Ms. Kurash frequently comes back to the Fort Myers campus to assist OTA students and serves on the campus advisory board.


OTA splinting Oct. 2015 (2) OTA splinting Oct. 2015 (3) OTA splinting Oct. 2015 (4)