The Pembroke Pines campus conducted its first Alumni Association affirmation and pinning ceremony.  The new Eagle’s Club members were recognized and welcomed for their outstanding commitment to Keiser University. Advisory board members, faculty, and staff were excited to see the launch of this great association. Douglas Stryjek, Alfonso Walker, Joseph James, and Jimmy Romero are now officially Eagle’s Club members and will continue to represent Keiser University with class and integrity. 

The Eagles Club is a group of alumni and friends organized by campus focused on the development of membership and the participation in networking and fundraising events. To maintain mutually beneficial relationships between the University and alumni through a variety of programs and benefits that will foster a spirit of service, involvement, and life-long commitment to the University. We are always looking for alumni to participate in our campus Eagles Club. Our goal is to identify highly motivated alumni leaders at each campus. An Organizational Structure has been created and the President of each campus will take the lead in getting the councils started. Eagles Club initial meetings are coordinated with the Campus Advisory Board meeting. Alumni who want to be involved will have the opportunity to be invited to this semiannual campus event each Fall and Spring with dates depending on the campus. The event starts with networking for Alumni and Advisory Board Community Leaders with food, drink and presentations. We encourage you to join now and take the next step in your career by taking part in organizing your fellow alumni into a networking group. Click here for more information.

Eagle's Club pinning July 2015 (2) Eagle's Club pinning July 2015 (3)