Clinton Cullins first developed a strong interest in fitness and nutrition while living in Boise, Idaho and working for an outdoor adventure company that offered whitewater rafting, rock climbing, portable challenge courses and more, so when he heard about Keiser University’s Dietetics and Nutrition program, he decided to investigate further.

“I was drawn to the program because of the location and the fact that it included a coordinated internship,” said Cullins, a student at the Port St. Lucie campus whose goal is to become a sports dietitian after earning his Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition. “I believe strongly in the role of nutrition in supporting and enhancing athletic performance and recovery and would like to be involved in the improvement of as many athletes eating patterns as possible.  I would also like to work in the wellness industry as a contractor for wellness centers and health clubs,” he said.

Having just enjoyed a one-month internship at the  Flagship campus’ Sodexo Marketplace in order to complete part of his required food service training, Cullins is now further defining his concentration as he completes his dietetic internship at the Port St Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center.

“We’re pleased to offer our students the benefit of healthy meal options while making the proper food choices, and are thankful that Clinton was provided the chance to gain hands-on nutritional experience on our campus,” said Harry Kuhr, General Manager with Sodexo.

It’s not surprising that Cullins is jumpstarting his practical experience with unique curriculum focused on instruction which is integrated with supervised practice.

“The Dietetics and Nutrition program at Keiser University stands apart from other similar programs because it focuses on small class sizes which enables students the opportunity for more individualized attention from professors.  Another distinct component that this program offers is the coordinated internship.  Most other dietetic programs require students to organize and arrange their own internships, which can be very competitive and challenging,” reflected Cullins, who credits professors Dr. Lisa Griffith, Program Director and Dr. Patricia Smith, Program Coordinator for their willingness to guide him through the educational journey while also sharing details of their research` and carefully pairing students with internship opportunities.

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